Welcome to Cannabook!

This will officially be the first version of Cannabook, and I hope you will find it enchanting until we are on our own server. As of now, we are open to list your cannabiz, service, organization, group, product or personality on this site. We are also open to any who would like to discuss getting their banner on Cannabook for viewing by thousands of loyal cannabook fans.

So Welcome and Please Enjoy!

How Do You Use Cannabook?

Cannabook has THREE ways to search.

The first, is the custom google search bar located on the upper right hand corner of every page called CANNASEARCH. This same search engine can also be used on the CANNASEARCH page.

The second way, is to click the tab CANNABOOK SHORTLIST, which is an interesting little directory widget that we continue to fill up. Just click on the tag you want, and you'll find what you need.

The third way, is to simply use the Tag Cloud in the left column of every page.

Have fun!

What is Cannabook?

CANNABOOK is soon to be the worlds greatest internet directory of all things cannabis and related. Many have considered doing it, a few have tried but now Cannabook is here to bring it to life!